My Perfect Reader


Is it you? Are you my perfect reader? First, I need to define with whom my passions would match or collapse. Then, on your own, you can decide in which category you belong.

If you belong in my group of followers, hooray! If not, then you know one thing; you will not lose your time browsing my website or reading my stories. Not everyone shares the same taste for adventures, thus my stories are not meant for every soul on this planet.

For that intent, I described below the characteristics of my perfect reader and who could not be described as such. Dying to know? Take a peek, and see if you are one of my readers!


My perfect reader is:

  • Someone who likes magic and magical worlds, and who likes to fall into these worlds and be a part of them as if he personally knew every character and location.
  • Someone who is courageous enough to explore taboo subjects and shocking events, and to see them happening within their own mind.
  • Someone who believes in spirituality, or someone who does not believe in spiritual forces, but can respect those of us who do believe.
  • Someone who likes jokes, sarcasm, and ridiculous behaviors. My everyday life is filled with those, so I cannot imagine not putting them in my stories.
  • Someone who likes life and its many detours, and who is not scared of the unexpected while respecting all life forms. Respect is a very important matter to me.
  • Someone who is optimistic and does not constantly critic everything. In other words, someone whose glass is always half-full, and not half-empty.
  • Someone who believes in silver linings and that as long as you do good, good things will happen to you, and as long as you do not give up, you will succeed. I love positive people.
  • Someone who is happy, and loves being happy. Alright, there are days when everything goes wrong, and that is totally normal. But, I like people who can laugh at their own misfortune and help others in theirs.


You are not my perfect ready if:

  • You get offended when you hear or read about God (or gods) or taboo subjects like sex, homosexuality, religion, etc. I do not necessarily write about all of those subjects, but I might do so in a near future, thus I want you to be mentally aware and prepared for this possibility. I do not want to create barriers because I know I might offend people.
  • You think magic cannot go with real-life events and serious matters.
  • You are a hater and always needs to find the negative out of every situation.
  • You like hurting people physically and mentally. Although there is violence in my stories, I do not like to see it in reality and in my life.
  • You do not want to spend money on self-published books and e-books because, for some unknown reason, you think self-published books and e-books are not as good as published ones.
  • You get into such a rage when you find a grammar or spelling mistakes. I do revise, and re-revise my stories, but sometimes, some mistakes just like to exist within my worlds and sentences no matter how hard I try to kick them out.
  • You think that paying $5 for an e-book is too expensive, even though it takes months to write and revise, if not years.


After reading these points above, you came to the conclusion you were one of my readers? Then feel free to explore my website. And if you have any questions, or you would simply want to discuss with me the meaning of life, send me an email at