A Recipe for Disaster

A Recipe for Disaster (Love Charms, Story I)

A tomboyish woman, who works at one of the best inns in Fairyland, plans to stop her boss’s wedding after finding out that his bride-to-be has used magic to trick him into marrying her.


My mind needed a beer, my heart was requesting at least six. If I couldn’t bury my doubts with theories, I’d at least bury my sadness with alcohol.

Book Details

.mobi (Kindle eBook)

A Fantasy Romance Short Story

14,656 words

Release Date
May 17, 2019

Magic; Spell; Potion; Enchanted; Fairy; Dwarf; Elf; Giant; Love; Wedding; Bridesmaid; Tomboy; Fight; Knight; King; General; Summer; Forest; Lake; Inn; Friendship; Family; Misfit


Gale, a tomboyish woman who has worked at Jinx Inn for the past three years, denies the feelings she’s been harboring for Logan, the inn’s owner, since the day she met him because she knew that they were incompatible. However, now that Logan’s getting married to the prettiest woman in Fairyland, she wonders if keeping her distance from him was the right move to make.

As Gale fights her feelings for Logan, she learns that her bride-to-be has used magic to trick him into marrying her. Is that relief that Gale’s feeling? Yes. But no matter what her heart’s telling her, she doesn’t have time to listen because she needs to stop this wedding before Logan remains at the mercy of an evil woman, and before she loses him forever.

With the help of Linux, a bulky man who’s always daydreaming, and Magpie, a beautiful woman whose heart is as large as her waist, she will stop at nothing to freed Logan from the evil woman’s grasp. Gale’s fists are rolled, her teeth are sharpened, and she’s ready to bounce back with a victory and crash this party. The only person missing, is you. Are you ready? And drop the rolling pin; Magpie got it covered.