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Sneak Peek at Amnesic Mind



Amnesic Mind (A Cup of Curiositea, Part 1)

A broken waiter, who has mysteriously forgotten about his whole night, tries to find answers to the reason why he has 50 million dollars in his possession.

Categories: Short Story, Adventure, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Magic, Humorous. [13,701 words; 51 pages]

Publication Date: April 29th, 2015




I WAS RUNNING. IN the cold weather, I was running as if a monster that had escaped from the underworld was not only chasing me, but was also planning to eat my soul. I saw mist erratically coming out of my mouth while my lungs attempted to fuel my body with life.

Somehow, my heart had taken the bloodstream elevator up to my ears, where it was now hitting the drums and playing a rhythmic melody, the only one I was able to hear at this very moment.

I gave a quick look behind me, but all I perceived were shadows cast by the sunrise. Morning had already shown its first sun rays when I realized that the memories of my night were as blurry as my vision.

No one was chasing me. Nothing tried to eat my soul. I was alone, running away from an imaginary predator.

I stopped running. But, why was I running in the first place?

As I pondered over such a trivial question, I managed to take back the breath I had lost somewhere in the darkness of the night.

I looked around and saw metallic staircases on both walls that kept me away from the city; I was standing in an alley like a prisoner who only wished to escape his nightmarish reality.

Quiet. My surroundings seemed ready for battle as it waited in silence for its superior’s order. And then, as soon as the solar corporal gave its signal, I heard in the distance faint noises coming from further streets.

What time was it?

I was about to pull out my cell phone when a more crucial detail than time got my attention.


I had a massive blood stain on my white winter jacket, exactly where a hole had been made in the fabric.

“Shit, I’m hurt!”

Quickly, with my right hand, I lifted up my jacket.

I was unharmed. Surprisingly, this blood did not belong to the beast inside of me.


It seemed to belong to a prey that had been mine during the night.

But, who?

Panic had made its way up to my brain when my body started shivering under the emotional situation. I was a good man, not a murderer.

I felt a weight pulling down my left arm’s muscles. I looked down and saw that I was tightly holding on to a bag that was not mine. My bag was worn out by years of usage. This bag, this mystery bag, was brand new and proudly displaying a famous logo.

Therefore, my brain had to ask the most obvious question of all: what was hidden inside the bag?

Did I want to know?

“Yes!” shouted the adventurer living inside of me who craved to explore every corner of this bag. “No!” shouted the responsible adult hidden somewhere between the teenager and the young man I had become. “Aren’t you curious?” answered with another question the beast that kept sending me images of a former one-piece corpse.

I went with the majority, and decided to open the mystery bag. I squatted down, and slid the zipper slowly, very slowly.

The sound produced by the zipper haunted my thoughts, a sound filled with wonders, inevitable dilemmas, imminent terrors.

The air was crisp, deprived of all scents that could have kept me away from this area, an area that befriended way too many dumpsters. However, because of the cold, smells could not travel the streets in search of noses to seduce, thus they all ended up together in a corner of air, striking for the warm weather’s return.

Then, I saw the bag’s womb, smiling at me with hundreds of hundred-dollar bills.

Money? “At least,” added the responsible adult, “the bag didn’t contain someone’s body parts chopped into tiny pieces.”

And, the responsible adult had a point. It could have been worse, way worse than a stack of money.

I felt bewildered. From where all that money came? A gift from God?

I felt confused. How did I get all of that money? Did it fall from the sky and pitch a new bag in the process?

I felt thrilled. All of this money was now mine. I was standing on top of the world.

In the distance, I heard police sirens, the ones that scared men away, not the ones that seduced them with their enchanting voices.

What did I do last night?


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